Expecting.app – your no-nonsense, friendly guide through pregnancy and beyond

Getting information that you can trust about pregnancy and parenting is hard – it’s like everyone is trying to sell you a product or service. Expecting.app is different – written by independent parents and experts, it brings together everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth and beyond in an easy to understand, friendly format that encourages you to choose what’s best for you and your family. We’ve been there, and we’re here for you.

Written by independent experts

Expecting.app is the result of a collaboration between leading parents’ advocacy and education groups and independent midwives, psychologists, doulas, babywearing and car seat experts. The information in the app is based on the highest level of evidence and best practice and tips and tricks provided by parents who have been there, with no commercial interests involved.

Special content for dads

Dads-to-be also need support and information – from the 9th week of pregnancy Expecting.app offers dads tools and articles just for them.

Sync your app with your partner’s

Expecting.app offers users the ability of syncing their app with their partner’s and share information like baby names, shopping lists and more. You can un-sync at any time.

Features that make Expecting.app different

  • Pregnancy week by week updates that helps you visualize your baby’s development and gives helpful tips on how to deal with pregnancy challenges

  • Friendly, expert advice for mothers and fathers tailored to your week of pregnancy

  • Tools to log your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar (if you need to monitor these) that can be customized and downloaded

  • Lists of items to get ready for hospital and home births

  • Shopping lists for home, family and baby

  • Interactive list of the top 100 baby names in each country where you can choose your favourites and decide on the perfect name for your little one

  • Kick counter

  • Contraction timer that helps you decide when to call the midwife or go to hospital

Who is behind Expecting.app?

Expecting.app was developed by three leading European parents’ organisations and financed through an Erasmus+ project financed by the European Commission, and all the content available is free. The app is fully independent and non-commercial – your data is safe and your app experience will never be interrupted with ads.

Midwives and doctors are health professionals who have the knowledge and experience to assist pregnant families and you should consult them with any concerns and questions you may have. Expecting.app is not intended for medical use or to replace the advice of a licensed midwife or physician. Information is provided on a general information basis and is not a substitute for personalized advice from a health professional. Roda – Parents in Action and its partners disclaim any liability for decisions you make based on information in the app.

This mobile app was made possible by the financial support of the European Commission. The content of this activity is the sole responsibility of its authors and the Commission cannot be held responsible for the use of the information contained therein. This mobile app was also partially funded by the City of Zagreb. The content and information expressed in the mobile app are those of Roda - Parents in Action and cannot be considered a reflection of the views or policies of the City of Zagreb.